My Life With Cats


This is me! I go by many names, but for this comic I’ll stick with Pat. 
I’m a polymath/jack of all trades with underdeveloped organising skills. Genderqueer/fluid/neutrois/agender/non-binary and pansexual/fluid. Labels are very complicated things, but then identity is complicated. 

Mostly I work as a freelance/independent photographer, but every now and then my attention span wavers and I sink into a random project, like this one! 

And now, for the cats:

Akkiles & Helena live with my dad and my two younger brothers. We got them in early 2007 and they’re both really big characters. Akkiles has a pink nose, and Helena has an asymmetrical Batman mask!

Akkiles is the baby and the absolute charmer. While he doesn’t trust strangers, his favourite place in the whole world is held close in the arms of someone he knows. If a human is home, they better be holding him, or he’ll pull that face on you and make you melt. 

For Akkiles, any attention is good attention, so he might pull something he knows he’s not allowed to, when he feels he’s not getting enough attention, but he does prefer the kind of attention where you’re telling him how cute he is. 

Late summer 2014, his sister Helena got diagnosed with melanoma in her left eye when they were both at the vet’s. Around the same time, Akkiles’ left eye started swelling and turning red. The vet thought it was just a small infection (he keeps going out seeking fights even though he always loses), but by now he seems to have gone completely blind on one eye. 

We’re still not sure if he made it happen simply because he saw his sister getting attention for her melanoma. 


Helena is the big sister both figuratively and literally. She’s constantly worried about Akkiles and if he’s outside in bad weather she’ll often harass us about leaving him outside until he’s back inside. Even though Akkiles tends to be a bit mean to her, chasing and biting at her, she cares for him and loves him unconditionally. 

Oh and she’s also really fat.

Just like her brother, she doesn’t care much for strangers, and she doesn’t like anyone, not even family, pick her up, but when she wants to cuddle you, you better drop everything else. She’s pretty neurotic so she’ll constantly stand up and change positions, but for a few seconds you’ll have a heavy, hairy lump somewhere on top of you, purring as loud as a chainsaw. 

She’ll leave about half her fur behind as a parting gift as well.


In 2013-14 I lived in Stockholm, Sweden with Monster and hir human, Ea. Monster is quite an old cat and had grown completely accustomed to life with just Ea, so it took hir about half a year to get used to me at all. Even when we were at the stage where zie would sometimes let me pet hir, zie would show absolute and obvious preference for Ea whenever they were around. 

Monster was really what started me sketching these comics up at all. Zie would eat so fast they’d barf it up in the middle of the living room floor; wail loudly in the middle of the night if Ea wasn’t home; randomly have fits where zie would run back and forth through the apartment and occasionally crash into things; ate your food purely out of spite and left hairballs as surprise presents under the chair, sofa, bed or right outside your door in the middle of the night. 

Never have I met a cat with a more fitting name. <3




Emanúel came to me in early 2015 for a long-term visit. His human is staying in student halls for the spring term and so Emanúel needed a temporary home. I live in a tiny studio room, but we’ve managed to make it work. 

Emanúel is half Bengal, so he is absolutely massive.. about two or three times the size of Monster (who is admittedly tiny, but still). He’s got the curse that so often afflicts large cats, of almost no spatial intelligence, so he tends to lie down right on the edge of the bed and then try to roll over… and over the edge. 

He always wears a blue bandana around his neck and while he’s very playful and silly (he’s only a one and a half years old, despite the size) he’s shown really impressive intelligence in other ways. 

In just a month, we’ve bonded so hard that he comes running towards me when I come home.. sometimes even out through the window and up the driveway!