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Comic 10 - The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Hands down by far the best thing about having cats in your home. Emanúel is one of those cats that isn't particularly cuddly, but he seems to sense when I really, really need a cuddle, and then he tends to climb on top of me and purr like a tractor.

Plus, cats' purrs have actual healing powers! It's true!

[Picture description: A comic in three panels. In the first panel, an androgynous, blue-haired person lies on their back, sighing. Text reads: Oof... what an awful day...
In the second panel, we see the person lying from the side and the head of a large cat with a blue bandana around its neck, its head just entering the panel. The text, coming from the cat, reads: mrow?
In the third panel, the cat has lain down on top of the person, its nose almost to the person's face. It is purring very loudly judging by the size of the text, and the person has a grateful smile and a single tear coming from their one visible eye.]



I had a day like that today. No cat for me, though. Maybe I can ask the boyfriend to purr instead?

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Maybe he can practice till he gets the healing frequency? :D

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