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Comic 11 - Wet Pussy

Wet Pussy
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18.4.2016, 12:01
This winter has been unusually bad, weather-wise, with storm after storm, dragging all the way into spring.

Emanuel has not been amused.

[Image description: Webcomic in three frames. In the first frame, an androgynous, white, blue-haired person is crouching down in a doorframe behind a cat, trying to push the cat outside. The cat has an angry look and is trying to resist. It’s raining hard outside. The person says: “C’mon now Emanuel. You need to go outside for a bit.” The cat replies, “NO!”
In the next frame, the person is sitting in the lotus position with a laptop in their lap. From outside the frame, there is a *jump*. The person says, “Back already?” and a *growl* comes as reply from off-frame.
The last frame is a large drawing of the cat’s face. He is dripping wet with hair drooping down and an angry look on his face. The text around him reads, “This “outside” - I don’t like it”]


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