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Comic 12 - Wild mental illness appears!

Wild mental illness appears!
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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
(I never know if these flashes of 'everything is awful now' relate more to my anxiety or depression, so I just call it mental illness I guess.)

Depression isn't just a constant state of feeling mopey and blue, just as anxiety isn't a constant state of fidgeting and jumpiness. Both can strike at any time, anywhere, regardless of what you were doing or how you were feeling. You can be in the middle of having the best time with your friends when all of a sudden, you start doubting everything and convincing yourself your life is awful and all your friends hate you.

Sorry today's strip is such a downer, but unfortunately, life can't all be cute cat cuddles. Speaking of, gonna go and enjoy some more of those for the rest of the day!

[Image description: Webcomic in three panels. In the first panel, an androgynous white person with blue hair and purple shirt is walking along, whistling and generally looking very cheery. In the second frame, they have slowed their walk and the musical note from the whistling looks broken. Their face looks mildly surprised. In the third frame, they are standing still, shoulders hunched and a neutral expression on their face. The speech bubble says, "I hate myself & everything is terrible now"]


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