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Comic 13 - Introductions

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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
So my macbook had to be sent in for repairs, it hasn't started up since yesterday morning. I'm hoping that it's a known issue, which would mean I would at least get it repaired at no cost, but either way, I won't get it back till next week at the earliest! So, today's comic is a bit... raw. I did the background by hand and wow am I not used to using GIMP... or this super sensitive touchpad on my mum's old windows laptop! D: I would've touched up on some of the details more and gotten a nicer font, but it probably would've ended in me throwing the laptop through the window, so... better not.

But yeah, that's the reason why this has taken me SUCH a long time to put up! Sorry!

For those of you who may have forgotten, my pronouns are neutral! I prefer 'they' in English, 'hen' in Swedish and 'hán' in Icelandic, though anything except versions of 'it' are totally fine with me!

[Image description: A comic in two frames. In the first frame, we see three people, all smiling. On the left, there is an androgynous, white person with blue hair wearing a green shirt with a black collar. To the right, there is a femme dark skinned person with red dreadlocks wearing a blue t-shirt. In the middle, introducing the two to each other, there is a chubby, femme, white person with blonde hair, wearing a light brown, patterned dress. The person in the middle says 'Pat, meet Vala! Vala, this is Pat'. Pat, the one on the left, says 'hey' and Vala, on the right, replies 'hi!'. The two shake hands.
In the second frame, the person in the middle says, 'Pat is an artist too! She's a photographer, her pictures are-'
The background has turned dark, the words 'she' and 'her' are repeated in a large font all over. Pat's expression has frozen in a grimace, their hand is still outstretched but the fingers are stretched out as though they have had an electric shock. Vala looks concerned and asks, '...are you okay?']


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