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Comic 15 - Get A Job!

Get A Job!
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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
I only properly realised last weekend that I actually have a full job, which is this work rehabilitation program I'm doing. It took me such a long time to get the rehab benefits through that I had gotten stuck thinking about it as just another thing I was doing for absolutely free.

The expectations as well as the workload are pretty much what you'd expect from a job, especially when combined with the amount of energy I have left after subtracting the ridiculous amounts of energy my PTSD and anxiety disorder drain from me each day.

A bit of explanation (since I'm too tired to tell if this all makes sense!): Monday is a sort of confidence coach I've just started seeing. I like him, and I like the program, and I'm already sad that I've done 2 of the 5 appointments I get through my program.

Tuesday is my coach at the gym. I had to fight really hard to get more time at the gym through the program, which meant I had to spend two weeks without access, and I'm still trying to get back on track. I try to go three time a week, and I've got really intense programs that are around an hour each, plus time heating up, stretching and going to the sauna (mmm, sauna).

Wednesday is my work rehab coach. She's lovely and super helpful, but she's got very limited resources to work with, unfortunately. Still, she's always ready to push for anything I need. <3

Thursday is a mixture of two queer groups I'm in. One is sorta secret for now, but it has to do with queer politics. The other is a members' council for the national LGBTQIA+ organisation in Iceland. But I just think the idea of there being a "queer agenda" really funny. Nobody believes this except republicans and religious fanatics.

Friday is my therapist, who is super duper amazing and has helped me SO MUCH. I got a few appointments with her through the program, but not nearly enough. Thankfully, my benefits came through in time that I could start paying it myself without having to take a long break from it. It's super intense and difficult, like constantly picking at an open wound, but I know in the long run it's gonna be so worth it.

Saturday is friends in general. Social anxiety always makes it really difficult for me to be around people, regardless of how well I know them. I never quite know how to act around them and I overthink every tiny move. I'm getting a bit better at it though.

Sunday is rest day, because I've usually thoroughly depleted my spoons by then, as well as all the spoons I was keeping for emergencies only. Emanuel definitely helps.

The exhaustion I usually feel on Sundays has also been why I didn't upload yesterday, and have been cutting it so late lately. I think I'll probably change the update day to some other day of the week, but till then I'll just upload at some point during the week, and try to make it as early as possible.

Also this comic was way too detailed for what I'm used to. Not a 100% happy with it still, but I'm gonna leave it as it is for now, or I'll never finish it!

[Image description: Comic in seven frames, each marked with the day of the week. The protagonist, Pat, is a blue haired, white, androgynous person. Monday, Pat sits beside a tan male with short, brown hair. He is holding a clipboard, looking up. On a table between them there is a steaming mug and three rocks, balanced on top of each other. The man says, "So, tell me about your hopes & aspirations." Pat: "Er..." Man: "Where do you see yourself in a year?"
Tuesday, Pat is at the gym, sitting in an equipment that targets their arm muscles. They are sweating and straining against the weights. A gym coach with tan skin and blonde hair says "I think we should add one day to your weekly schedule!" Pat can only grunt in reply, so the coach says "Great!"
Wednesday, Pat is sitting in an office with a woman with Asian skin tones. Pat is looking tired, resting their forehead on their hand. The woman asks, "So, how's it going?" Pat: "Just... same, I guess". Woman: "Okay, well, I'll book you with the hiring company, they should contact you soon!"
Thursday, Pat is sitting at a table with four other people. Next to Pat there is a fat woman with brown hair and Asian skin tones, wearing a red, low cut top. Next to her is a person with white skin, wavy brown hair and beard, low cut lilac top and breasts. Next to them is a male with Middle Eastern skin tones, dark brown full beard and long hair, wearing a purple jumpsuit. Finally, there is a very dark skinned person with a green mohawk, wearing a black top and black trousers. The woman next to Pat asks, "So, how can we push the queer agenda?" Pat says, "Abolish marriage!" and the dark skinned person says "No coloured baby clothes! All black for everyone!"
Friday, Pat is sitting on a chair next to a white woman with blonde hair. She has glasses, is holding a clipboard and wearing a sandy dress. The woman says, "now, let's re-live your trauma all over again". Pat is sitting in the chair with their face in their hands, and only replies, "Gulp".
Saturday, Pat is standing with a bottle of beer, presumably at a party. A dark skinned person with an afro comes running to them with a big smile, shouting, "Paaaaaat, how are you?" Pat is looking tired and replies "Oh. Uhm. Fine. Hi."
Sunday, Pat is sitting on the sofa all wrapped up in a purple blanket like a blanket burrito. They are talking on the phone, looking very tired. Emanuel, a cat, is lying on the sofa next to them with a content smile.
Pat: "...oh, I'm just relaxing at home with Emanuel." Phone Person: "Hmm. Are you getting some more projects?" Pat: "Yeah, some." PP: "Paid ones?" Pat: "Some of them." PP: "Well, I just hope you get a proper job soon. You can't go on doing nothing all day!"



wow this sounds utterly exhausting, but these also seem like really important programs!!

i'm not sure if we have anything comparable here, the only kind of like rehabilitation program i've ever made it into was really no good and ableist and some of the people were transphobic. D: i'm sure there must be something better here but it's really hard to even know where to look. >/

i think this page looks pretty great, too, your poses are always very communicative. *_*

2.6.2015, 22:16 edit delete reply

It really is such a great program, and while I've had to wait for some things and be super pushy about getting others, I know even compared to other people here who have applied for it or even gotten into it, I've been super lucky! Like I managed to found a super awesome therapist, and the confidence coach and I hit it off right away (two geminis talking about soul-related shit and idea flows - explosions, man!)! And plus, the rehab coach is so incredibly understanding of mental illness. It's such a massive relief to hear someone who is actually working in that system to say things like "wow, I can't even imagine how difficult x must be for you!" when you're used to hearing more of "come on, that's not even difficult! a 5 year old can do it!" -_____-

But like, it's a difficult program to even get into in the first place, and while not every week is quite as packed as I make it sound here, it's still so much more activity than I've been doing for the last three years! And I wouldn't have known where to look except my mum's job had had something to do with the program so she told me about it. In a larger society than here, it's gotta be super difficult to find the right thing :/

I hope you find something to help you out though! At the very least a good therapist. It sucks how much money you have to dish out before you even find the right one though x_____x

Thank you! <3 <3 <3

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"Well, I just hope you get a proper job soon. You can't go on doing nothing all day!"

Yup. Yup. Yup. All the time.

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