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Comic 16 - Passport photo

Passport photo
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18.4.2016, 12:01
....and then you feel way too guilty about taking up everybody's time to ask for another photo to be taken.

Sorry about the lack of updates last week! I've been super busy and tired and simply haven't had the time or energy to work on the comic at all. Hopefully won't happen again any time soon!

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[Image description: Comic in two frames. In the first frame, the main character, Pat, is looking particularly nice. Their hair is combed, the eyebrows are evenly drawn on and you can see their piercings - a septum ring and a ring in the helix. They are wearing a navy blue jacket over a black tank top, thinking, "ok, this time I won't look like a total dork. Chin down, my hair looks great today! Ready...."
In the second frame, we can see the passport photo. Pat's skin is covered with red blotches, their hair is very unruly, the eyebrows are completely uneven and they look cross-eyed. Their nose looks upturned, the eyes have heavy bags under them, they have a very uneven cleavage showing as well as multiple chins. Even their clothing is messy, seeming to hang in a very asymmetric way and their shoulders slouch low.]


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