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Comic 17 - Kitties love boxes

Kitties love boxes
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Sorry about the way too long break, all you cool cats! I got way too caught up in both my perfectionism as well as other things for a... few months there!

The other day I attended a talk from the lovely Sophie Labelle, author of Assigned Male webcomic and something just clicked in my head again - I started sketching up a whole bunch of comic ideas!

I'm going to try my best to stick to my old schedule of updating every Monday, so subscribe or like the facebook page!

[Image description: A webcomic in two frames. Both frames show Pat, an androgynous looking person with blue hair, wearing a black sleeveless shirt, dark blue trousers and green socks, crouching down in front of a cardboard box. On the other side of the box is Emanúel, a stripy brown cat with a blue neckerchief. In the first frame, Pat is smiling and saying "Look, Emanúel! I got you... a box!" Emanúel looks at the box with an unimpressed look and says "wow..." In the next frame, Emanúel is looking up at Pat with the same unimpressed face, saying, "Are you seriously just going to leave this here? As if this place isn't messy enough!?" Pat looks hurt and says "You... you don't like it?"]


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