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Comic 18 - Rainbow theory

Rainbow theory
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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
Yep. My cat just took me to school on queer theory and homonormativity. It's okay. I feel fine.

[Image description: A webcomic in two frames, both depicting Pat, a pale, blue haired, androgynous person, and Emanúel, a large, striped cat looking up at Pat. In the first frame, Pat looks surprised and says 'Emanúel! Where's your neckerchief and collar?' Emanúel replies 'The neckerchief was childish. I'm almost four years old, I'm not a kitten anymore.'
In the next fram, Pat looks sorry and says 'Oh. I see. Of course not. And the rainbow collar?' Emanúel replies 'I'm tired of the rainbow being used to represent the whole of the queer community when a majority of people will see it as a flag dedicated to homosexuals only. I reject the term "gay" - I identify as asexual and do not feel that I or my identity are being properly represented within mainstream queer culture.']


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