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Comic 19 - The Return of the Jingle

The Return of the Jingle
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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
Emanúel may have had good reason for getting rid of his old collar, as he explained so succinctly last week, but there was definitely something missing. He almost jumped with joy when, after a couple of days of lounging around being miserable, I went and bought him a new collar with a bell on!

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PS. This is the last Emanúel strip I'm going to do in a while now. His stripes are waaayyyyy time consuming to draw! x____x but I'm finally quite happy with how they look!

[Image description: A webcomic in three frames. First frame shows Emanúel, a large, striped cat, lying on the floor, looking depressed. Text reads: "SIGH. My life is so... quiet. Like something is missing." Next frame shows Emanúel lift his head from the floor, looking excited, while a person's arm reaches down into a brown paper bag. A few musical notes are coming out of the bag. The person is saying: "Look, Emanúel! I got you a little present!" Emanúel responds with "But... that sound!" The third frame shows the person - Pat, an androgynous person with bright blue hair - kneeling behind Emanúel, fastening a red collar with a red bell on around his neck. Pat says "There we go!" and Emanúel, who looks very happy, says "My jingle is back!"]



It certainly never effected our cat's hunting ability!

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Thankfully Emanúel isn't much of a hunter.. he's quite proud of himself if he manages to catch an earthworm! ;) But he's also managed to catch the occasional mouse that nests too close to the house and I don't think the jingle of the bell has hindered him much there!

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