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Comic 20 - But pronouns are hard!

But pronouns are hard!
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Yeah...... "YOLO" -_____-

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[Image description: Webcomic in two frames, showing two people sitting at a bar, drinking beer. The person on the left is Pat, a genderqueer person with bright blue hair, wearing a purple shirt. The person on the right has a dark green afro and is wearing a red t-shirt.
First frame, red shirt says 'So I just said, "Oh, Pat? She's cool-' but Pat interrupts with 'they'. Red shirt says 'Oh, yeah, of course. It's just super hard. I can't learn these new words and stuff!'
In the next frame, he continues with 'Anyway, so this hella ratchet chick was twerking all up in Dmitry's shit last night and he was so friggin wrecked he just went "YOLO" and totes got it on with her right on the floor at club Pkshanze!' Pat is looking at him with a judging expression while sipping their drink silently.]


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