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Comic 21 - Way too cool.

Way too cool.
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Oh yeah. My middle name is Smooth.

[Image description: A comic in four frames. In the first frame, Pat is talking with a friend. They are both smiling broadly. The friend says "...and then it just popped!" and Pat replies with "Hahahahaha! But have you hea- oh shit, my crush is here!" A third person is seen behind them, looking off frame.
In the next frame, the friend has moved behind Pat and whispers to them to "Play it cool now." The crush has noticed Pat and is waving at them, smiling and saying "Hey, Pat! How are you?" Pat has crossed their arms and is looking unconcerned. They reply with "Oh, hey... yeah, good, sure."
In the third frame, Pat is simply looking at their crush silently with a smug expression. The crush looks bored, saying "Uh.. sure, so.. I guess I'll see you around?" to which Pat replies with "Sure, whatever." Pat's friend is facepalming herself in the background.
In the last frame, the crush is walking away with a somewhat disappointed face. Pat is looking disappointed as well, looking after her, simply saying "Fuck." The friend is looking angry, telling Pat "Waaaaaay too cool, Pat. Way too cool."]


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