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Comic 22 - The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment
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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
I've been wanting to tell you the story of how Akkiles lost his eye for a very long time but since it's a long story with a very long prelude, I've been having problems getting it into the comic format. But I decided, finally, to just do it. So this is a bit of a prelude, and it will continue next week!

And yes, Akkiles really is this spoiled!

To remind you, since I've not written much about Akkiles, he lives at my dad's house with my brothers and his sister, Helena. He grew up with me around, but what with me leaving, then mum leaving, then one of my brothers leaving, he's left with severe separation anxiety. <3

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[Image description: A webcomic in four parts. On the left side, there is a large drawing of Akkiles, a black and white cat with a pink nose. He's lifting his right paw up with a sad expression and two scratches on his face. His whiskers and fur are rattled. Text above reads: One day, Akkiles came home all scratched and bruised, limping heavily. On the right side, there are three smaller drawings. The top one shows Akkiles lying on a red sofa, and a speech bubble shows a picture of a pink food bowl. Text reads: Poor thing spent all day lying on the sofa, and when he got hungry, he would cry and whine... Next image shows Akkiles being held in the arms of someone. He looks very content and a speech bubble shows a pink heart. Text reads: ..until someone would pick him up, snuggle him close and literally carry him... The third picture shows Akkiles happily eating from his food bowl while a pair of legs stand by him. Text reads: ...right up to his food bowl. Text on the bottom reads: To be continued...]


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