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Comic 24 - New banner!

New banner!
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Sorry everybody - due to the time it took to make three massive easter eggs and then the time spent gorging myself on one of them, I didn't manage to finish the comic for today. But, instead, I'm publishing a brand new banner!

I have a slightly altered version up on my facebook page as well.

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[Image description: A drawing of Pat and the four cats: Monster is sitting off to the side, looking huffy as though zie's too good for this nonsense. Helena is lying on her back, round belly up and has a content smile on her face. Akkiles is standing next to Helena, kissing Pat on the cheek with his nose. Emanúel is standing just behind Akkiles, looking over the scene with a happy smile. Pat is just behind Helena, rubbing her stomach and keeping their other hand on Emanúels back, looking super happy!

Above them all is the text "My Life With Cats - updates Mondays" and in the lower right corner is the URL]


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