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Comic 7 - Spring celebration special!

Spring celebration special!
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Sorry about the delay! Been feeling absolutely exhausted today after a long weekend and decided to try my hand at digital colouring... probably not the best idea!

Anyway, happy spring festival, whatever your way of celebrating it! I celebrated two weeks ago at the spring equinox by watching the solar eclipse, and again this weekend by making and gorging on chocolates! What about you?

From left to right we have: Akkiles, who loves his easter bunny outfit because it makes him look even more adorable which in turn grants him even more attention from others; Emanúel, who is just bemused by the whole thing and doesn't really mind wearing a silly easter chick beak; Monster, who absolutely hates the whole thing with a passion and is about to rip the beak to tiny pieces; and in front we have Helena, who has stuffed herself with stolen chocolate!

Of course, we try to make sure Helena doesn't actually steal the chocolates, but yesterday, before the egg search, she did manage to steal into some of the butter and spent a few minutes afterward, licking her lips and looking extremely content!


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