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Comic 8 - Spring is here!

Spring is here!
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Actually, we've only had one or two days like that this year in Iceland... today it's about 7°C but yesterday everything was covered in snow, and I'm pretty sure it'll snow again before spring finally gets here.

Still, I've mostly exchanged my winter jacket for my summer one (plus hoodie, I'm not entirely delusional)!



the weather here in washington definitely isn't as extreme as iceland, but there's a period of about 3 weeks a year where the weather is PERFECT for me, between being much too cold or much too hot

maybe it's because i'm from the bay area california and used to much more mild weather year-round, but it was still always too hot there for me lol

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To be fair, weather in Iceland is very mild! We usually get snow in the winter but it doesn't generally go below -10°C in the capital (it can get a lot colder up north), usually it just hovers around 0°C. In the summer it generally stays around 10°C, going maybe up to 30°C on a VERY good day. I think the mildness is perfect!

This winter has been ridiculous though. And the gulf stream, which really makes Iceland habitable by bringing warm weather to us, is getting all messed up because of global warming and the glaciers melting, so... it's only gonna get colder here, it seems >___<

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