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Comic 9 - The Desk-less Laptop User

The Desk-less Laptop User
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18.4.2016, 12:01
PSA If you're storing your laptop on a surface that isn't hard (ie bed, pillow, your lap), make sure you keep a hard-cover book or something similar under it so that the fan doesn't get blocked up. I also hear you should keep it on an even surface but YOLO.

[Image description: Four drawings of a blue haired, androgynous person. On the first drawing, they are lying on their stomach in bed with their chin above the pillow, laptop lying on the bed in front of their face. On the second drawing, they are reclining in a chair with an ottoman under their feet. Their pose makes them almost completely horizontal except for the head, which is staring at the laptop now resting on their stomach. On the third drawing, they are sitting on the floor with the laptop on the ottoman. On the fourth drawing, they are sitting on the chair again, this time sitting up with their legs curled under the laptop, which is sitting very crooked, propped up on their calves and feet.]


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