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Comic 26 - Forgot to work

Forgot to work
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Monday, the 18th of April, 2016
I promise that isn't actually my body posture when I use the laptop. position is muuuuuuch worse. 8D

[Image description: Webcomic in four frames. All frames show Pat, a genderqueer person with blue hair, sitting in front of a laptop. There's a window in the background showing the progression of the time of day. First frame it's morning and Pat is thinking "Alright, stop refreshing Facebook. Time to work... but first I need a podcast to listen to..." Second frame, it's noon and Pat thinks "Oh hey, wouldn't it be rad to start up a local queer podcast station? I'll just set up a facebook group..." In the third frame, it's evening and Pat thinks "Oh! The vegan group wants to set up an art show! How rad! I have so many ideas already!" In the fourth frame it's nighttime and Pat's eyes are red and puffy. They think "Fuck. I forgot to work... and now I can't focus anymore..."]


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